Sunday, August 30, 2009

Chase next weekend.

I am for some reason buying the GFS (bad move on my part) and actually believing it's forecast for a potential 3 chaseable setups in a row (Sat, Sun, & Mon). If it comes to pass it will be great, but I I get one chase out of it I will be happy. The best looking day (Sun) looks like another drive to atleast KS, but more likely eastern NE. UGH!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Potential chase June 26 (Fri)

The models are painting a decent picture for storms somewhere in NE or SD. I have never been to SD so it is very tempting. Not to mention Vortex is done, almost everybody has packed it up fo the year (I had even taking my laptop mount out, which is going back in in the morning). If there is actually a storm, it should be a peaceful chase, if there is such a thing anymore. If I decide to go out, I will have the video stream up Friday (if there is internet of course).

Thursday, April 30, 2009

April 26 & 29 Tornadoes

I have been very furtunate recently to witness a couple events at a generally close distance. I know it Luck as I have been not making the best decision during the recent chases, but making a good forecast and being in the right place at the right time has saved me over the past week. Bagging 2 very isolated events in one week is a heck of feat in my book, and being close makes it even more unbelieveable. I am trying to enjoy this week as much as possible as I am sure some headaches will await me with the arrival of VORTEX2 and all the chasecation'ers. The 26th and 29th are definitely 2 of my best chases to date. Here are the pics and vids.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

April 16/17 Chase

The models are finally looking to give us our first cutoff-low of the season. Thusrday at this point looks like the day with 60 dew points pushing into Woodward by 00z and great wind shear all along the dryline from Nebraska down to Texas. Winds are forecast to be backed all along the boundary so no matter where you pick you should be good. At the moment though I would lean toward SW OK. Always take the higher dews, and the upper level (500mb) are more SWerly in that are too.

Hopefully it will pan out and be a decent chase for every chaser. We all need a good chase about now. I got my new set of all-terrain Kumho tires from Discount Tires the other day. I am going to have those put on and hopefully the shop can fix the leak of break fluid that has had me paranoid for the last week everytime I drive. Also I need to get ride of this cough, it sucks and chasing with a cold is not fun (April 9 chase), so maybe the doctor can fix mme up this week before the (potential) chase.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Chase Season... among others

The chase season looks to be kicking in right as Baseball regular season begins. Atleast there is always something on the radio to listen to when baseball starts. Moisture continues to be the major issue with every setup this year, but it is normally within 5 degrees of not being a problem. Thursday and Saturday still hold potential for some good storms IMO. I am definitely going to try and chase both if at all possible (going to a concert in Lubbock Friday night will make it a very interesting 3 days). I really want to use the TVN streaming and test it out, so I can work out any issues before we get to May and June. GFS is also painting more good chances of storms around the 200hr mark for the Southern Plains. Bring it on, its time to see some tornadoes.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Severe Potential 4/9 & 4/11

Thursday and Saturday are starting to look pretty good. Northeast OK is looking really good with widespread EHI values over 3 all through the warm sector. Wind fields are really good as well. CAPE is actually forecasted at 1000+, which has been hard to come by this year wiht the lacking of quality moisture. Saturday looks confined to South of Midland, TX, but it holds some really good potential as well down there. I will get to test out the TVN stream for the first time this year as a solution was finally found to make it work on my computer with the tracker program.