Thursday, August 23, 2012

Google Adsense = Waste of Time

This is a warning for others, so you don't waste your time like I did (and many others have from the stories I have heard). I had been using Google AdSense for the past few years, but I had only accumulated a couple bucks from it, far from reaching the payout of $100. In the last year it had picked up to where the $100 payout was actually a possibility down the road (still at least a year away). I had spent a good amount of time placing the adds in good spots but not enough to annoy anyone. Always followed their rules and never clicked on on any of the ads on my own page intentionally or tried to get other people to click on them. I had also enabled the partnership program with YouTube, which I think most the revenue was coming from. It took forever to be accepted into that program. I had got most of the 200,000 views that I have now, before even being accepted. YouTube is flooded with videos now so my views have fell drastically from what I was doing in 2008 and 2009, by the thousands.

I got an alert the other day AdSense had locked my account because of invalid click activity, which killed my YouTube Partnership Program as well. I appealed to no avail and got no explanation. Too bad Google doesn't make it more clear they never intend to pay you a dime, so I could have spent that time on something more important. Considering my appeal was denied at 1:30am seems like an automatic denial if I have every seen one. I seriously doubt any human even looked at my case. I just wanted to say "Thanks Google", this blog is for you.