Sunday, April 12, 2009

April 16/17 Chase

The models are finally looking to give us our first cutoff-low of the season. Thusrday at this point looks like the day with 60 dew points pushing into Woodward by 00z and great wind shear all along the dryline from Nebraska down to Texas. Winds are forecast to be backed all along the boundary so no matter where you pick you should be good. At the moment though I would lean toward SW OK. Always take the higher dews, and the upper level (500mb) are more SWerly in that are too.

Hopefully it will pan out and be a decent chase for every chaser. We all need a good chase about now. I got my new set of all-terrain Kumho tires from Discount Tires the other day. I am going to have those put on and hopefully the shop can fix the leak of break fluid that has had me paranoid for the last week everytime I drive. Also I need to get ride of this cough, it sucks and chasing with a cold is not fun (April 9 chase), so maybe the doctor can fix mme up this week before the (potential) chase.

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