Friday, July 25, 2014

McGavock Nissan Amarillo, the last place to buy a Nissan

My first dealings with McGavock Nissan in Amarillo is when we were looking for a new Altima. We test drove one on the used lot why the salesman telling me he could get me $500 for my car. I could have sold the engine alone for that much. Their prices were a couple grand above where they should be, so we found one elsewhere. Your typical shady dealership in my mind.

So we come to today. I needed a recall done so I thought I would get us a 2nd key, since we only had 1. I was quoted $100 for a new key when I set up the appointment along with having a recall done. Drop the car off and never hear anything about the cost or what it should be. The new keys are expensive, I know this before hand. The prices I had seen online never topped $200 to have it done, so I thought maybe they had a decent rate. WRONG!  When I come back a few hours later to pick it up, all I hear is that it will be $362. WHAT!?

Who and the hell quotes $100 and doesnt mention the other $262? The $100 is the labor cost alone (which is a rip in any profession for what was maybe 30 minutes of work at best). $13 for the blank key and $15 to cut it. $200 for the blank microchip part with $20 in tax.

Want to buy a Nissan and live in the TX Panhandle around Amarillo? Go elsewhere unless you want to deal with the worst dealerships around.

I am so sick of dishonest practices in this world. Dont want to get blasted on the internet, treat your customer right and I would be praising your work instead.