Friday, September 8, 2017

B&H Photo - 30 Day Price Guarantee

Recently purchased a new graphics card over the Labor Day weekend as my old one fried. B&H wasn't the cheapest price, but was close. Unlike Amazon though they actually had a unit in stock and shipped it once I ordered. Amazon was 1 to 4 weeks shipping. About 3 days after I ordered I noticed the price had dropped about $8. I saw others had been able to get refunds for price drops in the past, so decided I would give it a shot. Couldn't have been easier. I jumped on their live chat and was done within a minute. Always good habit to watch the price of items even after you purchase them, especially with B&H, because it couldn't be easier to get a refund for the price difference. This is one of the reasons everyone loves B&H so much. Great service!