Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Long Overdue Update

I will be posting some pictures and videos of the tornadoes I have bagged in the past few weeks. I am completely worn out from all the chasing and slowly seperating myself from most of the chasing world, not that I didnt kinda do that already. The past few weeks have been the longest of my life. May 10th I ended up in the broad circulation of the Wakita tornado, because I made a poor choice of position and when to move with 60 mph storm motions. Tree branches and sheet metal go flying past me in my video. There is no telling what was flying beside me (my windows were covered in mud). Since then it has either been non-stop tornadoes or hard core busts. I am afraid to calculate all the miles I have driven. When you go through 5 states in one day it will really add up. Keep an eye for photos and video real soon. I have taken some of the best photos of my life in the last week so I atleast have something to show for it.