Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Severe Weather makes its return to the Southern Plains

The next week could be very active with a major storm system set to dig into the southwest US. Could be a stray storm Wed and Thu, but Friday looks to have the first decent shot at storms, followed by a capped day on Saturday. Mondays focus has now shifted to Sunday that has a 50+ knot low level jet across the entire Great Plains, which now is forecasted to a breakable cap and precip before sundown. It really reminds me of March 28, 2007, which I hope it shifts back west a little like 3-28-07 did as the day got closer. Monday still looks to be an intense day closer to I-35 than the previous days, with a massive squall line forming late that day and ending the severe weather outbreak. Forecast is sure to shift around some more, but will probably end up somewhere close to this.

Tornado potential exist on almost all of these days, but Sunday looks the highest followed by Monday. Friday is not out of the question and may be the most photogenic day. The parameters for Sunday just screams large tornadoes if it verifies, which has me worried the most. The Southern Plains really needs the rain though, so you just have to take the good with the bad. The attached picture is the forecasted 500mb winds for Sunday evening.

This next week looks to be the first likely deployment of my new HD camera in my dome box that modded up more this year. My plywood base began to some effects of a year of wear, so I wrapped it in black duct tape to try and preserve it a bit longer with a likely rebuild next year. Also I bought a roof rack for the Saturn Ion so the dome can be deployed on my 30+mpg vehicle. Finished building a fairing for it just the other day which eliminated road noise completed and surely will help gas mileage as well.

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