Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Great American Eclipse - Crescent Lake NWR Nebraska

I was able to make the journey up to western Nebraska on August 21 for the Great American Eclipse. It was a an incredible experience and cant wait for the next one.

I left Amarillo around 8:30pm on Sunday August 20 and head north thru western Kansas. Was able to drive till about 2:30 and made it just short of Nebraska border. Slept a few hours and then hit the road before sunrise for north of Oshkosh, NE. I made it to a place to stop under totality about 25 miles north of Oshkosh in the Crescent Lake National Wildlife Refuge. The whole eclipse experience was incredible. No pictures or video do any justice for seeing it in person. After the eclipse I drove back to Amarillo and was back home by 11pm that night. Cant wait for 2024.

Here are my photos. Click to enlarge.

5x speed video of totality-

Regular speed -

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