Wednesday, August 27, 2014

2013 Nissan Altima - Headlight Adjustment/Fix for Beam Height

Make your 2013/2014/2015 Nissan Altima safe to drive at night. Seeing 60 feet in front of you is bad enough at 30mph, but down right scary at 60+mph.

This is a very simple mod that anyone can do. (EDIT:  There are is a super easy way to make the adjustment from inside the engine bay if you have a long enough screwdriver. Find details below in the comments that others have left). If that doesnt work for you, you can try my method as a backup.)  I could not find any clear directions online (when I wrote this in 2014) on how to fix the Altima headlight problem (lights only shine 60 feet in front of the car), so I did some digging around on my car while changing the oil. At a minimum you will need a screwdriver, but a jack will make your life a lot easier. I have my tire removed for the picture, but when the car is jacked up it creates enough room that wheel removal isnt necessary. This process can also be used for changing the headlight bulbs too. (The oil filter has the worst location I have ever seen on any car.)

1. Jack either the passenger or driver side, so that it will open the wheel well up so you can get in there easier.

2. Remove the plastic clips on the wheel well cover with the screwdriver, so you can pull the wheel well cover down and get to the headlights in front of the wheel.

(The yellow markings are where the most important clips to remove are located)

3. Pull the wheel well cover down like in the photo below. It will bend so dont worry about breaking it.

4. To adjust the headlight beam, you need to turn the silver screw (circled in the photo below) in a counter-clockwise direction to raise it.

5. Lower your car and check your beam height. When you get it to where you want it, put the clips back in the wheel well and you are done.

Friday, July 25, 2014

McGavock Nissan Amarillo, the last place to buy a Nissan

My first dealings with McGavock Nissan in Amarillo is when we were looking for a new Altima. We test drove one on the used lot why the salesman telling me he could get me $500 for my car. I could have sold the engine alone for that much. Their prices were a couple grand above where they should be, so we found one elsewhere. Your typical shady dealership in my mind.

So we come to today. I needed a recall done so I thought I would get us a 2nd key, since we only had 1. I was quoted $100 for a new key when I set up the appointment along with having a recall done. Drop the car off and never hear anything about the cost or what it should be. The new keys are expensive, I know this before hand. The prices I had seen online never topped $200 to have it done, so I thought maybe they had a decent rate. WRONG!  When I come back a few hours later to pick it up, all I hear is that it will be $362. WHAT!?

Who and the hell quotes $100 and doesnt mention the other $262? The $100 is the labor cost alone (which is a rip in any profession for what was maybe 30 minutes of work at best). $13 for the blank key and $15 to cut it. $200 for the blank microchip part with $20 in tax.

Want to buy a Nissan and live in the TX Panhandle around Amarillo? Go elsewhere unless you want to deal with the worst dealerships around.

I am so sick of dishonest practices in this world. Dont want to get blasted on the internet, treat your customer right and I would be praising your work instead.